Modeling - the secret to a successful capital raise

Posted by  Rajesh Gopi   on December 11 2020


We have uncovered a very useful insight for founders and CEOs to help with their capital raise.


TWO12’s connected cap table platform also bundles a powerful cap table modeling engine. 


Founders and CEOs can model multiple rounds consisting of a combination of Convertible Notes, Pre/Post SAFEs, Warrants, Options, Priced, and Exit - and for each scenario, TWO12’s platform provides founders & CEOs a true representation of the potential increase (us founders are optimists) in equity value.


It’s very common for investors to ask founders the ROI on their investment under scenarios that may include a combination of future priced rounds, additional debt, option pool dilutions, and acquisition. 


Unprepared founders & CEOs that wait for their lawyer or a Google search or a trusted friend to find a precise answer to such questions are already set up for failure. Investors usually have limited attention to a deal as they are constantly bombarded with new opportunities.




At TWO12, we want founders to be successful. We have run into multiple instances where founder & CEO customers of ours have used TWO12’s modeling engine to successfully close investment deals. 


Answers to investor questions are quickly arrived at - many times while on a screen share with the investor.


Sign up for a 14-day trial at and give our modeling engine a test drive. We know you will love it. And we know that you as founders & CEOs will now have a powerful tool to help you be successful with your capital raise. All the best.


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