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Cap Table


Simplifying cap table management for founders

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Why TWO12

Ease of Use

+ Simple & intuitive

+ Onboarding & support included

+ Role based access 

"What If" Simulations

+ What if our notes convert at $10m

+ What if we exit at $1b

+ Save, share, & motivate

Founder Friendly

 + All features out-of-the-box

+ Option & certificate management

+ Unlimited participants & simulations

Unlimited Participants - All Features Included

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Startup finance is complicated

TWO12 makes sense

features & benefits

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'What if' simulations


Simulate your next rounds of financing and exit before they happen. Preserve your equity, motivate, and engage your cap table. 

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Stock Options Automation


$50k/year+ cost savings for large companies

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Digital Certificate Issuance


Stop wasting time mailing and managing paper certificates

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View & Admin Privileges


Multiple admin and view privileges allow you to granularly share access with lawyers, 409A providers, and auditors

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Audit Log & Snapshots


Reduce legal, audit, and valuation spend by tracking cap table changes over time. Rewind the clock to a point in time with snapshots. 

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Security & Compliance


Built by a team of security, fintech, and compliance veterans. Formerly built solutions to meet requirements for three letter agency

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Unlimited Participants - All Features Included


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