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Why TWO12

Dilution Modeling

Model future financing events to determine how additional investment will dilute your clients' cap table. 

Conversion Notification

TWO12 notifies you when you get close to a convertible note conversion, so you can keep accurate and up to date financials. 

Quick & Easy

Simplified onboarding and an interface that is easy to use minimizes the time you spend entering data and maximizes the time working with your clients on their high-level fundraising objectives.


Trusted by over 30 companies and 150 investors

Startup finance is complicated

TWO12 makes sense

features & benefits

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Stock Options Automation


$50k/year+ cost savings for large companies

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Dilution Modeling


Simulate future financing rounds before selling equity

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Securities Auction


Create a private stock market for your company's equity using our integrated equity auction

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Digital Certificate Issuance


Stop wasting time mailing and managing paper certificates

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View & Admin Privileges


Multiple admin and view privileges allow you to granularly share access with lawyers, 409A providers, and auditors

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Security & Compliance


Built by a team of security, fintech, and compliance veterans. Formerly built solutions to meet requirements for three letter agency

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  "Support and responsiveness have been nothing short of fantastic"


Richard Piotrowski, Co-Founder of LOGZILLA


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