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Connected Accelerator


Help your startups get funding faster

Why TWO12

Cap Table Search

+ Connect your investors with your current and past cohorts. Filter based on industry, impact, demographics, amount raised, and more.

Real-Time Impact Tracking

+ Quantify, in real-time, the impact your accelerator is making: funds raised, jobs created, and United Nations sustainable development score.

Cap Table Hygiene

+ Help your founders minimize dilution and prepare for fundraising.


Features & Benefits

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Help investors find companies in your cohort with cap table search. Enable startups to granularly select and push cap table information to your network of investors. 

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Data-Driven Impact


Use data to quantify the impact your accelerator is making. Generate reports to support your next meeting with stakeholders. 

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Clean Up Your Cap Tables


TWO12 simplifies cap table management for founders. Empowering your cohort with the education and clean foundation they need to raise their next round and minimize dilution.

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