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Connected Angel


Track your portfolio like a pro

Why TWO12

Portfolio Dashboard

+ Consolidated dashboard for all startup investments

+ Track total investments, current value, ROI, note interest & more

Real-Time & Manual Tracking

+ Receive real-time updates when portfolio companies use TWO12's connected cap table

+ Manually enter & track non-TWO12 investments as well

'What If' Simulations

+ What if your note converts at $10m

+ What if the company exits at $1b


Features & Benefits

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Command & Control Station


Make better decisions about new and follow-on investments by placing all of your startup investment information in one easy to use dashboard. Document storage included. 

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Data-Driven Insights


Find out where your strongest and weakest returns are. Results are broken down by company and stage with even more detailed analysis coming soon. 

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Simulate Tomorrow


Simulate the next rounds of financing and your exit before they happen. Get a better understanding of the dilutionary impact of future rounds and dream about liquidity events. 

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