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White glove onboarding & support included





Connected Fund

Real-time fund administration for GPs, LPs, and private investor networks


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Why TWO12

Save Time

+ Investments, portfolio, and reporting automatically updated with every TWO12 Connected Cap Table.

Real-Time Return Tracking

+ Measure today's investment performance.

+ Share with GPs, LPs, or members in real-time.

'What If' Simulations

+ Calculate potential dilution in future rounds.
+ Model liquidation preferences & participation.

+ Determine investment performance at different exit valuations.

$750/month (paid annually)

Features & Benefits

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Automatically track member contributions, carry, management fees, distributions, and more.

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Dilution simulations, & exit modeling

Use 'What If" modes to make data-driven decisions decisions.

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Stop chasing portfolio companies for updates

TWO12 portfolios automatically update with every TWO12 cap table.

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Portfolio view & performance

Provides actionable portfolio performance information broken down by investor, investment, company, stage, and industry.

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Tracking & Transparency

Onboard GPs, LPs, or members and give them 24x7 visibility into their investment and fund performance.

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Support For

SPVs, direct investment, data room, impact tracking, demographic tracking, search, and run reports. 

Customer Testimonials

Fund Administration Included

additional features & benefits

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Advanced Reporting


Quarterly reports, capital accounts, financials, IRR, ROI, RVPI, DPI, TVPI, Gross/Net Returns, & other metrics

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Capital call calculations, waterfall reports, distributions, track fees/expenses

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Process & record investment transactions, track returns in real-time, prepare & maintain portfolio schedules

$1,500 SPV Formation Add-on


Automate SPV creation & compliance.


Once formed, SPVs are automatically integrated with your Connected Fund dashboard for management.

Real-Time Reporting

Generator reports at both the SPV and portfolio level. Bring transparency to your finances.