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How Can Digital Certificate Management Help Your Business?

Digital Certificates are your one-stop solution for streamlining your employee's share ownership without the drudgery of mailing, managing, and replacing lost physical certificates. 

Why use Digital Certificates Management?

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How it works in 3 steps?


  • 1. Generate digital certificates

    Select template, enter employee & share information, click google-1592711311820 under certificates to generate.

  • 2. Invite employees to TWO12

  • Employees can view & download their stock certificates.

  • 3. Easy retrieval

    In case of M&A or any changes in the shares, easily retrieve the original certificates and replace them with the new documents.


The TWO12 difference

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One-Stop Solution

  • Manage and store your stock certificates on the TWO12 platform.
    • Employees can view their stock options whenever they need them. 
  • Easily upload and download new documents whenever the stock options have changed.


Ready to experience the future of startup finance?

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