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How Can Equity Dilution Modeling Help Your Business?

Model future financing events to determine
how additional investment will dilute your cap table.

Why use Dilution Modeling?

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How it works in 3 steps?


  • 1. Load existing cap table into TWO12

    Use our bulk upload feature to speed up the process.

  • 2. Click simulation button

  • This ensures that the new values will not be shared with existing cap table members.

  • 3. Model Dilution

    Simply edit the round valuation or investment amounts to analyze different scenarios.


The TWO12 difference

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Intuitive & Consistent Design

  • Consumer grade interface.
  • Point, click, & make an informed decision about your next round of financing. 
  • Same UI/UX as our cap table software means you don’t need to learn a new tool for modeling.

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Extended Dilution Modeling Use Cases

  • Calculate the dilution impact of expanded options pools.
  • Forecast cap table dilution or reduction in option pool as a result of a key C-level hire. 
  • Determine if you will still have a controlling stake after your next round of financing.

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Dilution Modeling + Equity Auction Integration

  • Conduct an auction of your personal shares after your Series B or later.
  • Use Dilution Modeling to ensure you have sufficient ownership levels to begin cashing in on your sweat equity.
  • Work backwards from there to determine your target Series A and Seed financing goal.


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