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Fundraise Valuations & Forecasting

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The information you need to raise your next round


Products, Features, & Pricing

Fundraise Valuation ($200)

Wondering how to price your next round or what cap to put on your note?

Use Fundraise Valuation to educate yourself on the parameters that drive your company value before going into your next investor meeting. 
- Enter very intuitive information about your startup: product pricing, planned unit sales, projected expenses, etc.

- Get an estimated Fundraise Valuation on your startup in seconds.
- Learn how valuations change by industry, segment, and vertical. 
- View results of multiple valuation methods, weighted for a final value
- Adjust select values (e.g., annual revenues) to see the impact on the value
- Generate unlimited valuations for up to 3 months
Pro Forma Generation ($960/yr)

Need a pro forma P&L, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet for your upcoming raise? 

Use Pro Forma Generation to show your investors how fast you plan to grow. 

- To generate a pro forma, simply enter your projected pricing + margin + expenses, and TWO12 will generate a pro forma for you to share with investors.
- Forecast cash flows, burn rate, runway, capital needs, & use of funds
- Continually update the pro forma as assumptions change
*Coming soon: connect your Quickbooks and track projected revenues against actual revenues
Fundraise Report ($3,600+)

Not quite sure what assumptions to make? Have a big raise upcoming that you need to prepare for? Do you have more than 3 product lines or lots of complexity to your business? Are you preparing for a Crowdfunding campaign and looking for market comparables? 
We have humans that can help. 

- Detailed intake interview and documentation review
- Expert opinions from up to 3 senior consultants
- Market comparable research and assessment
- Quantitative and qualitative analysis
- Unlimited product lines
- Customized Fundraise Valuation
- Consulting on capital raise strategy and analysis report 

- Term sheet review
- Custom proposal


Startup finance -- solved.


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