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How Can Stock Option Automation Help Your Business?

Automating the management of your stock options plan saves you time, money, and headaches.

Why use Stock Option Automation?

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How it works in 3 steps?


  • 1. Create new option pool

    Or expand an existing option pool.

  • 2. Add members to the pool

  • Notice that these employees and advisors will draw from the unissued option pool.

  • 3. Pause, terminate, instantly vest as necessary

    Upload documentation for each user and activity.


The TWO12 difference

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Dilution Modeling + Options Management

  • Understand how future fundraising activity will impact the dilution and incentives of your key employees.

  • Model out your next round of financing with the expanded option pool your VC is asking for.

  • Quickly determine how a new C-level hires is going to impact dilution.

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Options Payment

  • Built in payment rail allows employees to pay for and exercise options within the platform.
  • That means no more handling of checks or sending bank wire information.
  • Coming soon.

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Intuitive & Consistent Design

  • Consumer grade interface.
  • Point, click, & manage your options pool.
  • Same UI/UX as our cap table software means you don’t need to learn a new tool for options management.


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