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How Can View & Admin Privileges Help Your Business?

Stop the spreadsheet shuffle. With TWO12 you will have one cap table, one real-time source of truth, and multiple view and admin privileges.

Why use View & Admin Privileges?

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How it works in 3 steps?


  • 1. Add participants to your cap table

    Founders, employees, advisors, accredited investors, and institutional investors, advisors, lawyers, and auditors.

  • 2. Set View or Admin Privileges

  • Assign admin access to view or edit along with controlling the level of transparency bestowed to individual participant. 

  • 3. Admin privileges

    Take full control of your cap table with the ability to add, remove, and edit participants along with their documentation.


The TWO12 difference

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Lawyers View-Only

  • Unlike competitors, TWO12 allows you to take control of your cap table and does not require you to list a lawyer of record with admin privileges.
    • This saves your money as you won't need to pay a lawyer every time you make an update.
  • To ensure accuracy of data entry, we can recommend law firms to help periodically audit your legal docs to ensure data entered into TWO12 is precise and complete. 


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